When was the last time you cleaned your mattress? Putting it out in the sun does not count. If the answer is never, it is time you hired our mattress cleaning service. We offer mattress steam disinfection and mattress dry cleaning service.

Our Mattress Cleaning Services remove all the unwanted stains and dust from your mattress. The high temperature steaming on the mattress kills all the disease causing germs. Our proper cleaning techniques involves dry vacuuming of the surface level of your mattress making it feel fresh and new again.


Dry cleaning of a mattress takes an hour for a single bed mattress. Steam sanitization takes half an hour for a single bed mattress.

We extract most of the moisture from the mattress after dry cleaning. However it might take 2 to 3 hours for the mattress to dry depending on the weather. It might be necessary to keep the mattress under a fan in case of humid weather.

Advanced machinery performs deep vacuuming with special HEPA filters that suck out dirt and dust. The mild and gentle steam treatment safely disinfects and sanitizes your mattress, while a final round of vacuuming removes moisture and dissolved dirt. Without any hassle, you get new looking, fresh smelling, and germ free mattress to enhance your décor again.

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