We specialize in removing stubborn grease stains from surfaces, something which takes a lot of effort. We disinfect critical areas of the kitchen and use food safe cleaning agents in important areas.

What’s included in the service:

  • Wipe and organize all exterior shelves – Cleaning of Cabinets, shelves from inside and outside. Cleaning below shelves and modular trolley, if detachable.
  • Wipe and disinfect all electrical appliances- Microwave, Stove, Counter-Tops, Sinks and Refrigerator are cleaned from outside.
  • Chimneys, exhaust fans will be degreased externally.
  • Surface management that covers mirrors, windows, glass, wooden & steel surfaces.
  • Deep cleaning of Kitchen platform, tiled walls and sink area.
  • Floor Cleaning – Wet and Dry Mopping of floors.
  • General Cleaning- Cobweb Removal, Dry Dusting of walls and ceilings, Cleaning of all light & fan.

Note: All Chemicals used are safe and biodegradable.


It takes 3-4 hours for cleaning a kitchen of standard size. However the time may vary based upon depth of dirt and size of kitchen.


A dirty kitchen is home to all bacteria and germs. Periodic deep cleaning of kitchen will remove the grease, dirt from hidden corners and improves the hygiene levels thus reducing chances of pest infestation and food borne diseases.

The area is ready to use post cleaning. All the chemicals used are safe, bio-degradable and will not cause any cross contamination.

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