Ceiling fan blades. Light fixtures. Window Channel. No detail is overlooked and no task goes unnoticed in our deep cleaning service. Your expectations are unique and we understand.

Whether you need apartment cleaning or a one-time deep clean throughout your house before an event, we got you covered.

Deep cleaning includes floor mopping, carpet vacuuming, window channel and groove cleaning, disinfecting &cleaning of bathrooms, wall and window cleaning. If you are looking for a one time cleaning then deep cleaning is what you need.


Deep cleaning is the process of extensive cleaning, disinfection and sanitisation of critical areas of your house that your daily cleaning is unable to ensure. Our cleaning process ensures a 100% germ free, stain free and dust free healthy living environment in each nook and corner of your home.

Deep cleaning of a regular apartment takes 6-8 hours however the duration varies with the size of the apartment and the amount of dirt.

To keep your home sanitized and improve hygiene we recommend to schedule Deep Cleaning services once in 4 months.

We use the best cleaning material and equipment available in the world. All our chemicals are from leading companies. We also use organic and clean chemicals that are safe to use in homes. 

We use various machines like vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, scrubbing machines etc as part of our cleaning process.

  1. Moving to a new house
  2. Moving back to a house that have been closed for a while
  3. Post any repair or maintenance work
  4. Before any auspicious occasion like Diwali, wedding or housewarming
  5. After any party or event.
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